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“Do You Wanna Build a Shonen?” | Politics System “Do You Wanna Build a Shonen?” | Politics System (11/7/2018) - Such a great tag Astral created and I'm so freaking happy to have been tagged to it by Kimchisama! Thank you both ❤
The Blog Evolution Tag With the Awesome Biblionyan (9/28/2018) - Hello everyone and welcome to our place! Don’t know if you have caught this idea Karandi and Raistlin come up with together, but it’s an amazing idea where you are not only able to see your blogging evolution, but also collab with someone who you have been dying to (I mean, since it’s a tag… Continue reading The Blog Evolution Tag With the Awesome Biblionyan
It Seems I Didn’t Do Everything To Enter the Brotherhood Last Time… (8/20/2018) - It seems my first initiation process was not 100% correct, thak you Rossi for giving me a second chance! 😀
anime happiness 13 Reasons Why – The Second (8/13/2018) - I've did the first 13 reasons, but here's 13 more! 😀 Thank you Matt for the tag ❤
Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award | I Feel That I Am Part of Something Here (8/6/2018) - It seems I've been invited... I mean tagged for the Brotherhood. I'll wait for my secret mission to arrive any minute now. Thank you Mel ❤
Create A Story Tag: Clair de Lune (Music + School + Drama) (7/24/2018) - I got tagged for the create a story so I wrote a small story about love and loss. The name is Clair de Lune, a tribute to Debussy.
Unique Arthifis is Unique! (7/16/2018) - It's my third nomitation for the Unique Award, so I'm guessing I really am unique... In a bad way I'm sure xD Thank you ShaddowCat for the nomination ❤
build a harem challenge Build A Harem Tag | I’m the Prince of Course! (7/2/2018) - I just got tagged by the lovely Mel for the build harem tag! I couldn't be more excited (and scared) about this! Thank you Mel ❤
My Reasons Why Award | One of the Best Initiaves I’ve Seen so Far (5/7/2018) - 13 Reasons Why is just one of the best tags I've seen so far in the WP community! Thank you Kimchisama for creating it!
One Liner Tag | I Really Love This Tag! (4/30/2018) - This tag is just so much fun! Hope I did well, although I'm pretty sure there are people out there way more creative than me xD
People Continue to Think I’m Neat? Oo (4/23/2018) - I got nominated again for the neat award! I mean, how the hell do you still think that about me? XD Thank you Flowangelic for the nomination! ❤
Sunshine Blog Award | Shine Bright Like a Sunshine! (4/16/2018) - Shine bright like a Diam... I mean, sunshine! Do you have that music in your head now? Good! 😀 Thank you Spooky and Triform for the nomination! ❤
It Seems that People Continue Thinking I’m Lovely! ❤ (4/9/2018) - So I got a new nomination for the lovely award!!! Thank you so much Keiko for the nomination! ❤
And IIIIIIIIII…. IAIIIII WILL ALWAYS… LOVE YOUUUUU~! | Liebster Award 3.0 (3/26/2018) - It's my third Liebster award nomination and this time I was triple nominated Oo Wasn't expecting this at all! Thank you ShadowCat, Karandi and Lili! ❤
We are All Sort of Unique… Right? (3/19/2018) - I got nominated for the Unique award this time! I think we all are different and therefore unique, right? Thank you ShadowCat and Laura for the nomination! ❤
It’s Because I’m Hard To Look Up Front I Take It | The Sunshine Blogger Award (3/14/2018) - Another award! I'm starting to feel important guys ahah This time, the sunshie award! Thank you so much Lina! ❤
I’m Mysterious… The Good Kind Of Mysterious I Hope (3/5/2018) - There are two type of mysterious... The really creepy ones and then the sexy ones. I hope I fall in the latest! Thank you King for the tag! ❤
3 Days 3 Quotes Tag | Third Day: Free as a Bird (2/27/2018) - Last day everyone! It seems I was able to do it! Yesss! \o/
3 Days 3 Quotes Tag | Second Day: Wanting and Needing, 2 different things (2/26/2018) - Uff! I was able to make the first day! Time for another quote! Let's see if this one is also interesting to you!
It Seems People Find me Neat | Good… I am Deceiving Everyone Muahahah (2/26/2018) - If you entered my room you would know why I'm saying that I am deceiving everyone! Thank you Sam and CouchCruisin for the tag! ❤
3 Days 3 Quotes Tag | First Day: Do It Yourself (2/25/2018) - Thank you Auri for the tag! I'm not really good with quotes, but let us see where this goes! 😀
Growing Step by Step! (2/19/2018) - So, this time I was tagged by one of my blog senpais! This makes me so happy! Senpai did notice me eheh 😀 Thank you Irina! ^.^
Blogger Recognition Award | RECOGNIZED??? Wait? Meee? (1/26/2018) - I really wasn't expecting to be recognized... AND TWICE in a row! I don't have words! Thank you It's An Anime Thing and King for the nomination! ❤
The Liebster Award 2.0 | Because Spreading the Love is Never Too Much (1/5/2018) - Not once, but being nominated 3 times for the Liebster award just makes me so happy and proud! Thank you Britney and Moyatorium for the nominatation!
The Lovely Award | Well… That’s a First! (12/4/2017) - I've called many things... But, lovely... That's a first!!! Thank you Nerdy Perspective for the award ^.^
Five Flaming Hotties Tag | It’s getting hot in here (11/29/2017) - It's the Five Falming Hotties Tag! Take a seat and prepare to feel horn... I mean excited! Men ad women this post has it all!
Unique Blog Award | Mama they say I’m unique!!!! (11/27/2017) - Mama!!!! They say I'm unique!!! No... Not retarded... Unique... I think ? xD Thank you Nesha for nominating me eheh
The Liebster Award | Sharing the love in the blogging community (11/22/2017) - My very first award! Oh the thrill... The happiness!!! Thank you Chizurue 😀 You will always be my first 🙂