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Friendly Talks With Arthifis: DAKAICHI first impressions

Don’t forget to check my collab with Karandi at her side! We talked about Dakaichi and… It was pretty awesome 😀



For those who missed the announcement for this collaboration, Arthifis and I are working together this season to have periodic chats about two anime. Over at Arthifis’ place we’ll be covering Goblin Slayer and you should definitely check out that post once you are done here because we had a lot of fun discussing that first episode as well. In about four weeks we’ll be back with an update on how we feel both series are going so hopefully you’ll join us again later in the season. For now, join us as we meander through our thoughts on episode 1 of Dakaichi (or Dakaretai Otoko 1-ni Odosarete Imasu), the events, the characters, their necks, and the music.

Dakaichi - Episode 1 - Takato


Hey Arthifis! It is great to have you on my blog today to discuss Dakaichi – I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year (to only be referred to…

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Shippin’ the Half-Cold Half-Hot Todoroki with LAMA

It’s the last week of September! So, you know that means! Time for the last post of the awesome collaboration Cupid LAMA!

This time is Aria the hostess, so go to her place and look to the awesome lovers we picked for Todoroki! 😀

The Animanga Spellbook

It’s the final chance to choose ships and get points for the LAMA Cupid collab. Who will win? We’ll find out after we run through our choices for Todoroki…

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The Blog Evolution Tag With the Awesome Biblionyan

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! Don’t know if you have caught this idea Karandi and Raistlin come up with together, but it’s an amazing idea where you are not only able to see your blogging evolution, but also collab with someone who you have been dying to (I mean, since it’s a tag… Continue reading The Blog Evolution Tag With the Awesome Biblionyan