Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru First Impressions
Anime, Fall Season 2018

Beautiful and Relaxing | Bloom Into You First Impressions Review

Hello everyone and welcome to our place,

We are entering the third week of this Anime Fall Season, and from what you could read in my watching list yesterday, Bloom Into You (a.k.a. Yagate Kimi ni Naru) is one of those shows! In fact, as you know I write for a Portuguese Anime website and I’m doing episodical reviews there for this one.

Having watched 2 episodes of it, I think I’m good to go to do a first impressions on this one, so let’s start 😀

– Synopsis –

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru Yuu and Touko

Yuu is a freshman in High School. She is your typical girl, however, something inside her makes her feel different from others – she can’t fall in love for anyone. During the first weeks in school, still with no club chosen, she is tricked by her professor to help the student council.

While she’s heading to the student council, she founds a senpai turning down a confession in the best way she could think of. This event makes her to feel impressed by this girl which she finds out is part of the student council.

They start to talk and Yuu finally feels she found someone who is equal to her, until Touko, this confident senpai, confesses her love to her.

– A Relaxing and Beautiful Anime to Watch –

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru Yuu under water

The main thing that I could take from the bat while watching Bloom Into You is that it’s going to be a relaxing Anime to watch. From the first scene, the setting and the coloring shows the pace that this story will have. It will be a slice of life Anime show with not much happening.

Right in the first scene, we can see Yuu laying in her bed, and everything about this scene, the lighting, music and color combination just brought me a relaxing feeling.

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru Yuu and Touko walking in the sunset

Nevertheless, when we get more into the Anime, we can see that this kind of vibe is always there. There are many sunset scenes, which bring a strong orange color/lighting which brings a relaxing feeling to the viewer. For me, it works very well due to how the plot is developing.

– A Romance With No Drama For Now –

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru Yuu and Touko helding hands

One thing that I impressed me, was how there was no kind of drama until now. I mean, there have been a couple of scenes that in other Anime show it would probably bring to a lot of crying, fighting and everything that we are used to watching when a romance is happening. However, when it comes down to Bloom Into You, the characters, although young, seem to handle things in a very mature way.

Yuu continues to not feel any kind of love feeling and she’s silently suffering from that. However, contrary to what I would expect from an Anime, she did not back off Touko when she was confessed by Touko or when she was kissed while not expecting it. In fact, she handled it like a mature human would do. Tried to assimilate what happened and tried to think hard before answering.

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru Yuu feeling alone
Yuu does feel empty though 😦

Only afterwards, she had a more serious conversation with Touko, explaining that she does not feel the same. However, on the other side, there is also a mature girl responding. Touko already knew that and she’s ok with that.

To be honest, I like they are going for a more mature and less dramatic kind of romance. For me, it also sets the more calming and relaxing show to watch that I already had perceived in the beginning because of the color palette and music.

– Curious To See What is Coming Next –

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru beautiful bakground
Hope we see more nice cuts like this

Most of the romances we get to watch normally fall into 2 categories.

The first is those relationships that take all Anime for both characters to say how they feel. Normally, these kind of shows are full of miscommunications and there is also something that makes the characters to come back and forth with each other. Basically, these kind of Anime shows are the ones that make me scream “For God Sake! Kiss Already”.

The second is more into my liking. There is also some come back and forth, but the characters end up entering into a relationship at the middle of the show is the rest of the season focused in another kind of situation.

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru Touko embarassed

However, having a confession in the first episode and a kiss in the second is something I’m not used to… In fact, I’m pretty sure that this is the first time watching something like this. So, I’m really curious to see how this story is going to unfold.

I don’t think they will have the coming back and forward kind of thing after watching these 2 episodes. I do believe though, that there is going to be a third wheel down the line. Nevertheless, if they continue to handle situations like they are doing until now, I think it would be a nice show to watch on a weekly basis! Especially on a Saturday evening, especially when the cold is starting to come here in Portugal xD

– What About You? –

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru Touko cute
I love this image so much!

If you are into Slice of Life, romance type of thing I highly recommend you to try Bloom Into You. Especially, if you are into a less dramatic and stable kind of show 🙂

For the ones who are watching this, what are your first impressions of it? Tell me all in the comments! 😀

Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru Yuu startled
See You Soon! 😀

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful and Relaxing | Bloom Into You First Impressions Review”

  1. I wish I could see this one, but sadly, it isn’t available for me here. This certainly does sound like a show that I would really enjoy watching, so I will keep my eyes out for it. Hopefully at some point it turns up here as well 😊

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  2. So far this has been beautifully executed. I’m not that into the story and characters yet but these first two episodes are very strong episodes and certainly made me want to watch more of this show anyway.

    Liked by 2 people

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