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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Purple Haired Hotties!

Hi everyone and welcome to our place!

Even though I’m in a hiatus, as I told you, I’ll be posting the collab with Mel non the less! I’ve been working on the design of the blog and as you can see I’m already using a different theme than Toujours! I think it will end up being really cool! Probably not what I really, really want, but good enough 😀 Nevertheless it’s still going to be some time until it goes up! 😀

For today we have purple haired hot guys! In Mel’s place you discussed about Red Haired Hotties! Don’t forget to check that out 😉

Now, purple is a color difficult to pick. First, I think there is not that many purple haired male characters. Second, purple is not a color that works for me when it comes to hair! Nevertheless, I ended up choosing someone who I think is really not that bad!

Murasaki from Hamatora

purple haired anime guys Murasaki.jpeg

Well, what do I have to say about Murasaki? Well, first of all he is my body type! As most of the characters I picked, Murasaki is athletic! Moreover I love his purple eyes which goes with his hair. Probably one thing about Murasaki is that he is hair is not 100% purple? I mean, it is purple (more of a lavender actually), but there is this degrade to his hair that comes from really soft purple to a darker one that really works for me! Moreover, it’s one of those characters with classes that it really fits him nicely!

purple haired male character murasaki glasses.gif

Regarding his personality… Well again, you already know I have a thing for intelligent guys and he is extremely intelligent. He graduated with the second highest score (after Nice) ever from the Kansai Facultas Campus.

Moreover, he is normally very calm and down to Earth which for me is great assets to have! However, contrary to myself he does not put others above all else, when it comes to his work he tries to do it the most efficient and effective, even if that can mean that the way to do it is not the most sociable acceptable. Nevertheless, even not putting others above himself he ends up enjoying his colleagues and be kind down to his heart.

Murasaki Hamatora Sexy.gif

To be honest, Murasaki’s character is just like a human being. In the end he is a good person, but he does have his flaws and inferior complexes. In this case feeling that Nice is always better than him in everything.  Nevertheless, he is able to put them aside and not let that mine his own relationship with Nice. I always love characters constructed in a way that seem to be real, even when they are not the best people ever, so yeah… Murasaki is the pick for today! 😀

Murasaki Hamatora Cool.gif

Purple was a bit more tricky to choose, since there is not a lot of purple haired character that I know, however I found my chose…

Shinsou Hitoshi from My Hero Academia


He doesn’t have a big role, we don’t see him alot most people probably remember him cause of his quirk, quirk that could make him a great villain.

However, Shinsou never thought once ( so far) to use it and go on the dark side. Yes he did you use it to have a better chance during the sport festival, but it stop there. 


During his middle-school time, people mocked him, making joke to not use his quirk on them, which hurt him and made him uneasy. But after the sport festival he prove his quality and his will to get stronger and the pro-hero in the crowd noticed that.


From all the student you are not in the Hero Department, Shinsou is the one who deserve the most to be there. 

You really are going for My Hero Academy this week Mel xD

Well, another week as past and I’ve again lost in both sides 😦 This way at the moment the score is:

Arthifis 5 9 Mel

I think this is getting to a score of no return >.< Oh well, I’m having a lot of fun and that’s what important! I hope you are having fun too! Don’t forget to vote!

Don’t forget to read Mel’s post where we discuss Red-Haired Hotties and don’t forget to comment down below who is your ultimate purple-haired hotty! 😀

See You Next Week! 😀

10 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Purple Haired Hotties!”

  1. This one is Murasaki all the way. He is a fantastic character and not only does he have great hair, but I love his whole look. Great choice of character. I’d have to think about who else has purple hair as other than that guy out of Tokyo Ghoul no one immediately comes to mind.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Loooool that would seem to say that I’m a little self conceived xD What about if I picked him and just “Well… He has my own nickname so, there’s that and it’s more than enough xD”

      Liked by 1 person

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