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Day 28: Favorite Quote From Any Anime Character | Hope it Inspires You

It’s day 28 of my 30-ish Anime Challenge!!! First, let us see the list of the challenge (You can click any of the days before to go to the post of that day :P):

I mean… Let’s face it, it is just impossible to choose only one quote from ANY Anime character. So I’m going to narrow it a little bit. I’m only going to talk about Nana which had so many quotes that made me think, feel sad or feel inspired. I will also choose more than one, let’s face it a post with just one quote is not sufficient for me 😛

The way this is going to do it is, I will first give you the quote and then a short text explaining what that quote means to me ^^

“Being alone and being lonely are two different things”

For an introvert as myself, I can really relate with this quote. I don’t know why, but people normally think that being alone and being lonely is the same thing… Well it isn’t. I can say that in high school when I was “popular” and I had many “friends” it was the time I felt more lonely. The thing about meeting many people is… If you don’t deeply connect with them then you will feel lonely non the less. This way, even now I can count with the fingers of my hands people who are truly my friends (ok maybe I’ll need the fingers of my feet too) I feel a lot less lonely than before. Moreover, being alone from time to time is good! It’s important to talk with yourself, trying to see new perspectives. I can tell you that in the moment I truly accepted myself and started loving 100% myself (ok maybe 95%) was the time I ended up feeling lonely.

“Don’t just give up, Hachiko. Life is about getting knocked down over and over again, but still getting up each time. If you getting up, you win”

I really got a hell of a ride in these past 24 year living (almost 25). I’m not going to give any details about that, first because I don’t want to linger in the past and feeling sad, secondly I don’t want YOU to feel sad or bad for me (I’m currently in a good place and that’s what matters). So, life knocked me out to the floor many times, but you know what? I always got up! Even when everything seemed that there was no solution… Guess what! It had a solution and you only get to that solution if you always get up and continue fighting, even if it’s in “nightmare mode”.

“Nana… How come being happy and making your dreams come true are two different things?”

This quote makes me remember the Coldplay song lyrics “When you get what you want, but not what you need…” Yeah I felt this in my skin sometimes. I am proud to say that everything I truly want I normally get it (by kicking my ass of course, nothing ever comes to me in the easy way), but sometimes the thing you want it’s not necessarily what you need. It was like in my previous job… I went to work in an international company, really difficult to enter (I had like 3-4 interviews + skill tests). Oh well, the pay was good, it was what I thought the best forward step in my carreer… Well… I was horrible in there! I just hated it and I was not happy! I was not happy at work, I would come back home feeling miserable and even if I try my best to follow the rule of “work problems stay at work” not always was possible. Now I’m in a fresh start, in something that I believe I will love… Again, worked my ass of to get this opportunity, let’s see what the future tells me… I hope it was the best decision this time J

“The more my dreams are fulfilled the quicker they become realities losing their shine.”

As I told you before, I really work hard to get what I want and normally I’m able to achieve them (I’m really a focused person), but in the moment I get them I feel like “Well that’s that, now what?”. As I told you before I prefer the path to a goal than the goal itself, just because I never feel truly happy when I reach the goals I wanted… Maybe not that… How can I explain this… I feel happy of course, even though I normally don’t show it a lot, only when I am alone I do those happy jumps and laugh and everything XD However, it does not take long for my head come back and think “Ok… What next?”. I think I always need a goal to achieve, something that I feel like that I’m improving. Life is too short for staying the same J

That’s it folks! I hope you don’t feel bumped down with this post 😀 Take it as a learning lesson / inspiration, anything like that! Life is too short to feel sad!!! (I wish my brain applied this rule!)

Comment down below which anime quote is the best for you! 😛

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀

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