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Day 4: Favorite Female Anime Character | A Company Owner and a Musician

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 4 of my 30-ish Anime Challenge!!! First, let us see the list of the challenge (You can click any of the days before to go to the post of that day :P):

  • Day1: Very first anime you watched
  • Day 2: Favorite anime you’ve watched so far
  • Day 3: Favorite male anime character ever
  • Day 4: Favorite female anime character ever
  • Day 5: Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed
  • Day 6: Anime you want to see but haven’t yet
  • Day 7: Your anime crush
  • Day 8: Favorite anime couple
  • Day 9: Best anime villain
  • Day 10: Favorite fighter anime
  • Day 11: Favorite mech anime
  • Day 12: Saddest anime scene
  • Day 13: Anime character you are most similar to
  • Day 14: Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you’ve rewatched it
  • Day 15: Favorite anime sidekick, pet or summoning from any anime
  • Day 16: Anime with the best animation
  • Day 17: Favorite supporting male anime character
  • Day 18: Favorite supporting female anime character
  • Day 19: Most epic scene ever
  • Day 20: Anime character that gets on your nerves
  • Day 21: Favorite goofy anime character
  • Day 22: Favorite weapon, gear or armor used in any anime
  • Day 23: Favorite attack someone used in an anime
  • Day 24: Moment that shocked you the most in any anime
  • Day 25: Saddest anime death
  • Day 26: Best anime fight
  • Day 27: Most badass scene from any anime character
  • Day 28: Favorite quote from any anime character
  • Day 29: An anime you wished was real
  • Day 30: An anime you wish never ended and continued on

Favorite Female Character… Well I know Avatar is not anime, but I just want to get it out of my system and at least make a reference about Asami Sato from Avatar: Legend of Korra.



Asami is just one of those characters that I fell in love with. Even though she’s not in the main team from the beginning, she certainly is the one with higher personality in the show. She’s that kind of girl who doesn’t drop her arms in defeat after anything that life throws at her. Even though she might cry when something bad happens, short after she is again with her head straight and prepared to fight another battle! For example, when her father died she had to continue pushing forward and take up the company with her own hands.

This combination of a more heartwarming and vulnerable girl with the “get away of my face I have things to do!” girl really made me fall for her. They really did an excellent job creating her!

Now that this is out, let’s talk only about anime XP My favorite female anime character is:

Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April.


Probably made from the same fiber as Asami, Kaori also is a fighter! She is just so kind and lovely, pushing herself to the maximum to play the best as she can, while at the same time helping Kousei playing piano again… And of course, at the same time she has a disease and she knows that is going to die soon. But, instead of letting herself just rest in a hospital bed she decides to live to most of it, even if it means that her life probably will just get shorter. I think this is one of the characters that inspired me the most! I love everything about her, she is those kinds of girls that if you would meet her in real life she would steal all the attention to her and you would feel inspired to be more like her. To be stronger, but at the same time kinder.

Well, that’s all for the anime challenge, day 4 folks! 😀 I know I cheated a little bit and talked about two female characters, but one is considered cartoon, so I think I’m good xD Who is your favorite female character? Comment down below! 😀

See ya tomorrow! 😀

33 thoughts on “Day 4: Favorite Female Anime Character | A Company Owner and a Musician”

  1. That is an awesome choice! 😀 I really enjoyed her fighting spirit as well! It only made the series even more heartbreaking myself.
    My own favorite animecharacter has been and always shall be The Major from Ghost in the Shell. She is just absolutely amazing. Strong while at the same time struggling with her humanity as well 😀

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