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A Tiny Design Update

Hi everyone and welcome to my place!

This is going to be a real small post. Just to let you know that I’ve changed my design! Please fell free to see it and comment if you like it or not! 😀

I want to thank Nesha for offering a helping hand! Although I found the a theme that I really like and didn’t need to change any code, Nesha was completely open to help me if I need it! Go give him your love! The design of his blog is GREAT!


5 thoughts on “A Tiny Design Update”

  1. It really looks pretty awesome in my opinion (not that it did not already look good to begin with) 😊 Great job, and thanks for sharing Nesha’s blog. Always cool to discover a new and very awesome looking blog 😀

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  2. Nice update arthifis! I might suggest that you could make an about/contact page too if someone wishes to contact you or something, nesha got a bit confused when she tried to search through the mess in my blog X’D. But don’t sweat it, every update kind of tells a different story/progression phase through one’s blogging experience 😀

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